Friday, January 29, 2010

Wow, long time, eh?

Kinda looks like I forgot about this blog. I didn't really forget, but throughout December and the first part of January I was working on holiday crafts/gifts that I couldn't post about without giving away the farm, so to speak. I'm having trouble keeping up with my Livejournal flist and posting there, let alone anywhere else. I barely ever update my status on facebook, too. So, I'm rethinking this blog. maybe I need to go back to just posting my crafts on LJ with public posts there, I just don't know.

Have I been crafting? Yup, here and there. I made socks for a xmas gift. I stencilled a design on a couple of tshirts for my daughter. I knit a hat for my husband. I've crocheted a 3"x33" strip (and knit one too - my first cable!) to send to an online friend who's going to crochet all the strips together into a baby blanket for charity. I have been sorting and organizing in my craft room, in an attempt to get ALL of my crafting supplies, including yarn, into that room. I have also set a goal to master using my serger this year, so I have been experimenting with that and learning how to do different things.

Today on my lunch break I went home and started piecing my very first log cabin quilt square to send to my friend Jen ( for her "block drive" for Linus Connection. I looke up instructions online, and decided to wing it. So far I have a 7.5"x7.5" block, so I just need 4 more rectangles to get a 12.5" square to pop in the mail.  I'll take a pic before mailing it off.

So I'm here, I'm still slowly but surely making stuff, I've just been kinda quiet.

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