Monday, April 18, 2011

Grampa's Legacy Lamp

Well, I should be knitting an i-cord to finish a baby gift I need to get in the mail tomorrow, but instead I'm posting on my craftyblog.

Here's a recent finished crafty which I really love. Many years ago, my dad gave my daughter (who was probably 3 or 4 at the time) a globe that he had had for years. Now, this globe is not really all that helpful, since it's so old it has the USSR and some of the countries in Africa or Asia have since changed names, but it was a lovely tan, old-world-looking globe. It was on a pedestal and had a light inside. Sadly, my dad passed away New Year's Day 2003, but my daughter has kept his globe as a reminder of the time they had together. Flash forward to the last holiday season. . Over New Year's holiday my daughter was cleaning her room, trying to find a place for all her stuff. This globe was sitting on her dresser, taking up space, but not really serviing a purpose. She said she didn't want to get rid of it, because it was given to her by her Grandpa, and made her think of him, but she also really wanted to have some space on her dresser freed up. She also really needed a reading light over her bed. So I took the globe into my craft room, and removed it from the stand, and removed the inner light workings (they would only hold up to a 15w bulb), drilled the hole in the top of the globe bigger so that I could drop an IKEA hanging light into the hole and voila...

Grampa's Legacy Lamp

Grampa's Legacy Lamp

Now Grampa's Legacy Lamp can light her way. This solved both problems, how to keep a gift from a loved one who is no longer with us, but have something useful, too. I love the warmth that it exudes, and it makes me smile whenever I see it.

And now I keep looking for other things around the house to turn into a lamp or shade...

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