Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Everyone loves a cozy log cabin

I recently checked out Mason Dixon Knitting from the library again. The first time I checked it out I skipped right over the section on log cabin knitting, but this time it caught my eye and after reading it through I thought, "Hey, that looks fairly complicated, but sounds actually pretty easy! So I decided that would be the perfect way to use up stash so that I had an excuse to buy more yarn (right, like I need a REASON to buy more yarn). I cast on Feb 9 and I would say that based on how large a blanket I want to make, I am about 35% done.

The name I gave this project on Ravelry is Scrappy Log Cabin. I also joined the Ravelry group Log Cabin Fever, where others addicted to similar projects can meet to discuss how badly our hands hurt. ;)

Here's an in-progress pic as of my putting down the knitting this evening.

Not too difficult, I really like the way it is turning out, and of course, the farther out I get the more yarn it takes, which means my scraps probably won't be enough and I might actually have to buy more yarn in order to finish it, unless I start using novelty yarn as well as just the acrylic worsted remnants I'm currently using. Gee, what a shame, having to buy more yarn... too bad. :P
Oh, and if you would like to friend me on Ravelry, my name is jewells68.
Keep on knitting!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

UFOs are controlling my life...

Currently on the needles: top-down hat made with sock yarn of my own design; throw that I'm going to donate to a charity; broken rib socks from a book a got for xmas... may frog and use that yarn for something else, I got bored with the pattern; couple of dish/wash cloths I started during ofenjen's dishcloth swap round 1 that were too complicated to finish in time; bag/basket to felt that's on my big yellow KK loom.

Just finished a hat for my DD in yarn/color of her choice, mmmm, recently frogged a few things... and just to add a picture to this post... here's a "gun sweater" I made for the co-worker who's name I drew in the office gift exchange over the holidays... I couldn't find a pattern online, so I just made it up as I went. He loved it and has promised me a photo of it actually on one of his guns. It's sort of an office "inside joke" which he totally got and I think enjoyed. The inside of the card reads "Happiness is a Warm Gun"...

I'm determined not to buy any yarn for a while. I have tons of yarn and have some really nice yarn I've received as gifts including some really lovely yarn from hardhatcat in Australia that I very much want to make into something. Just trying to weed through my current crafting chaos and plan some projects...

Need to crank out what's currently on the needles and take stock of what supplies I have and just start trying some new interesting patterns...

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