Saturday, February 6, 2010

Craft Potpourri

I've been working on a potpourri of crafts lately and it has made me very happy to be crafting again. I've made two log cabin quilt squares for and am currently knitting a 12" log cabin square for sewhooked's block drive:

I refashioned a freebie backpack by adding a zipper pocket to cover the company logo, and now that I have one of those under my belt, I'm going to do another one for Miss P to her specs. It's just the right size to take her lunch and camera and school supplies on her way-too-numerable field trips.I'll post pics after I finish Miss Ps's bag.

I also have decided to join in the the Twlight Crafts Mystery Quilt-along. *points to icon/link in upper right corner of blog* It's a block of the month quilt-a-long, and there'll be a begginers' block and an advanced block pattern each month. I will DEFINITELY be doing the beginners' block, lol. I've already got my first pattern printed and ready to go, and have made a little list of fat quarters to buy. I know, I'm supposed to be crafting from stash only until I've whittled the fabric and yarn stashes down by a few bins, but I don't have any that look right in my stash, and I need a zipper for Miss P's bag anyway, sooooooo, I'll be hitting Joann's Fabrics tomorrow afternoon before the "Big Game". I have been wanting to do more paper piecing, and a "block of the month" group will be just right, since I only "have" to complete one block a month. Even with my busy schedule I think I can handle that.

Also I'm going to check Ravelry for a BOM for knitting. I'd like to do crochet too, but I have yet to be able to do a simple granny square, so I think I'll save that for next year. It's only Feb so I'm only one block behind... I think I can get caught up by the end of Q1, and it'll make me try new patterns without the stress of it being a gift for someone.  I've decided this year is the time to develop my current crafting skills further, to really stretch my abilities a bit and try new patterns/techniques. I tend to stay in my comfort zone and I want to change that, challenge myself a bit.

I'm also working on a super sekkrit project and am trying some things out to get it the way I want before tackling it in the materials I'll use for the actual gift.

Hmmm, that's it for now I guess. I'm getting a bit peckish for a wee snackie, then it's back to the craft room for more experiments and fun. *waves*

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