Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Everyone loves a cozy log cabin

I recently checked out Mason Dixon Knitting from the library again. The first time I checked it out I skipped right over the section on log cabin knitting, but this time it caught my eye and after reading it through I thought, "Hey, that looks fairly complicated, but sounds actually pretty easy! So I decided that would be the perfect way to use up stash so that I had an excuse to buy more yarn (right, like I need a REASON to buy more yarn). I cast on Feb 9 and I would say that based on how large a blanket I want to make, I am about 35% done.

The name I gave this project on Ravelry is Scrappy Log Cabin. I also joined the Ravelry group Log Cabin Fever, where others addicted to similar projects can meet to discuss how badly our hands hurt. ;)

Here's an in-progress pic as of my putting down the knitting this evening.

Not too difficult, I really like the way it is turning out, and of course, the farther out I get the more yarn it takes, which means my scraps probably won't be enough and I might actually have to buy more yarn in order to finish it, unless I start using novelty yarn as well as just the acrylic worsted remnants I'm currently using. Gee, what a shame, having to buy more yarn... too bad. :P
Oh, and if you would like to friend me on Ravelry, my name is jewells68.
Keep on knitting!


  1. Oh, I love it! The colors you're using show off the logs nicely!

  2. Thanks blog! lol I actually had to frog the red log last night and start over on that one, but I'll catch back up tonite during Survivor.


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