Monday, March 2, 2009

Care for a Jelly Baby?

Received an awesome gifty from my friend Amber "the Crochet Fiend" (aka hp5freak on LJ) today in the mail! Totally made my day as I have been sick, headachey, and generally cranky. Amber totally rocks the crochet world and makes the most awesome Harry Potter themed blankets (and yes she does occasionally take commissions, within reason people). She had a little contest on her blog which I won and I couldn't think of a favorite HP quote, but I did think of a few Classic and New Dr Who references of which I'm fond, so I sent her those and let her pick. (She has also done Twilight-themed items as well as awesome commission blankets not related to any of those three fandoms).

Amber does amazing awesome work and I salute her. Here's the awesome blankie I received today...

Amber's Awesome!!!!

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