Thursday, April 23, 2009

Logs Are few and far between in the Desert

Well, hard to believe it's been OVER a month since my last crafty post. Way too much real life going on, but believe me, there's still plenty of knitting happening here, just not much picture- taking (or blogging).

So I've gotten a bit farther on my Scrappy Log Cabin, but frankly, it's so damn hot already I just can't bear to pick it upfor a couple of weeks at least, so it's hibernating until cooler weather comes along, or we switch the swamp cooler on... here's how it looks at the moment... you can see I have made it all the way around at least once, almost twice since the last pic I posted.

Baby Kue's pinwheel blankie is also on hiatus at the moment. Turns out they know for sure it's a boy, and, well, I've decided I'd like to try a cotton log cabin with larger blocks for his blankie. I haven't decided on the yarn for that yet, though... but I really want to give a cotton baby blanket a go. A coworker is going to be a grandma for the first time in the late fall, so I may decide to finish the pinwheel blanket for her grandbaby. Or I might just bind off on it and give it to the cat to lay on. No new pic on that one, though, it'll look the same in pics until I get it transferred to a longer needle and it can spread out more.

So what to knit when the weather says "no more blankets!"? Why, socks of course! I finished the first sock finally of my Springy Spiral Stretch socks.

I haven't started sock two, however, as I am working on another little project that I can't talk about quite yet. The Spiral Sock looks really cool, and the Patons Stretch is pretty darn comfy, but I don't know why I decided to make such a long sock when it's so hot here all the time. Dumb. So I'll eventually make sock two, but I'm thinking my next pair of socks with the other Patons Stretch Sock I have will be footies, or ankle socks, maybe even some "pedicure socks" that I can wear with flip flops.



  1. That sock is AWESOME. I love the spirals. The log cabin is coming along well, too, though I understand about the heat.

    All my yarn projects are just sitting at the moment. I think I actually saw some dust on my yarn bag, which is very unusual, but it can't be helped for now!

  2. I love how the spirals look, time will tell exactly how comfortable they are to wear. It's similar to the pattern I used for your wine bottle cozy.

    I really love the log cabin knitting. I have all these ideas that I want to try, but most of them involve buying new yarn and I'm on a yarn embargo at the moment. I'm planning to do a bit of a yarn splurge in May at the Bi-ennial Fiber Fiesta. Also, Fiesta Yarns is having a huge parking lot sale in May (the same week I think) and I've never gone there because the prices are so high, but I'm figuring some of the gals from knitting group will want to go and I might find a great deal, who knows?

    It's a shame to get dust on your yarn bag, do you still carry a project in the car for the school carpool line?


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