Friday, November 13, 2009

New Wool Boogaloo and other things, too

So I finally finished my sweater on Tuesday, November 10.
I think it turned out great. Unfortunately, I've put on a little weight since the last time I'd tried it on, and it fits considerably snugger than it did the previous times I tried it on, but I'm still really pleased with it and I wore it to work the next day anyway. The top-down instructions I took from: were really easy to follow... I didn't want to steek and make a cardigan, and I opted to start my ribbing just below the bust for maximum waist shaping, but there are many ways to knit this differently, so I'll definitely be using these instructions again... If I had worked on it every day I could have finished it in under 2 weeks, so it's a fairly quick knit, really, unless you have KADD (knitters' attention deficit disorder) like I do.

And now for something completely different... at the same parking lot sale where I bought the New Wool I used in this sweater (back in May), I bought a bunch of navy blue acrylic bulky yarn thinking I could use it as the base yarn in a boy baby blanket or something...I've tried knitting with it but I hated it on the needles recommended by the ball band. Well I decided to see just how quickly I could knit a log cabin using size 15 needles and bulky yarn.

The center bit is Lion WoolEase Thick and Quick in Cranberry, the next is the horrid navy yarn, the next is WET&Q in Butterscotch. Hopefully I can find enough contrasting bulky weight yarn around the house to break up the navy a bit, but I am going to alternate the navy in between any other colors I use, just to use up as much of this horrible yarn as possible. I cast on last night during Survivor and knit the center block as well as half the navy block. I knit the remainder of the Navy and all the butternscotch this evening... it's coming along pretty fast, maybe I can finish this weekend? *crosses fingers*

Finally, this past weekend I went to the fall parking lot sale for Fiesta/Ironstone Yarns. I didn't fill my hatchback like I did back in May, but I did find some fun stuff to play with for just a buck a skein, as well as some luxury yarns for  $4 per skein. So here's some gratuitous yarn sale pron...

as well as my sister and fellow-knitter Jan doing some major stash-building with me...


  1. Your sweater came out just gorgeous. Well done!!

    Don't you hate when you think a yarn will be okay and then you absolutely hate working with it? I hope the log cabin goes quickly!

    Yarn pron!!

  2. Thanks! I wish it weren't so tight, but since it's wool, I'm going to try washing it by hand and then blocking it bigger... My goal is to finish the chunky LC before Monday... but then I also have a ton of things to do around the house tomorrow, so we'll see...I dug all over this morning and don't have any other superchunky yarn to add... I really want to go to the store and get woolease T&Q in avocado to add to those colors, I just think it would look great, but was trying to do it from stash...

  3. The sweater is awesome. The yarn you used looks fantastic.

    And wow, that is a LOT of yarn.


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