Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bits and Bobs

In an effort to keep this blog from stagnating the way it has been in the past few months *coughcoughYEARScoughcough* I have been cross-posting my TTMT  (Talk to Me Tuesday) posts here as well as on the TTMT Livejournal community (where they have always been posted). I try to make a post there each week at some point (hopefully Tuesday, sometimes Thursday) so that way something should be cropping up here weekly, at the very least. Now, the videos still show up in the sidebar, and for now I'm not changing that, because hopefully my actual posts with WORDS will eventually outnumber my video posts. The other reason for not changing it is I can never remember how to do things on this platform and so changes get postponed because html is NOT my second (or third) language. Ahem.

On to the crafty bits! After feeling a surge of confidence from finishing (successfully, imo) my great-niece's Great Granny's Squares quilt I hopped right back on the quilting train and tackled a quilt top that I have had finished for Project Linus for months that has been waiting patiently to be quilted. Toward the end of the quilting and binding my machine started complaining by throwing my tension off and doing other things machines tend to do when they want you to take better care of them, so I haven't quilted anything since. But I did finish that, it's labeled and washed and ready to turn in this Saturday at the monthly meeting for my Project Linus circle.

I named this one the Big Lots Charm Quilt, because the squares in the main part of the quilt were a charm pack that I purchased at Big Lots. Very creative naming procedure I have, right? I pieced the charm squares into fourpatches, then adding sashing with fabric from my stash and a small amount of Project Linus fabric given to me by my bff Jennifer, and found the additional turquoise-ey border fabric in the donation bins at a Project Linus meeting (the backing fabric also came from there). As far as the quilting goes, I decided to get a little creative and mark my quilt top with some blue painters tape in a expanding diamond grid, and quilted on either side of the tape, removed the tape and then added an additional line in between those lines and called it DONE. I love the diamond grid. It's tough to see in pictures, but hopefully you will be able to see it somewhat.

Here's my piccies of the marking and then the finished quilt:

This will be my 8th donated blanket for 2014, and my first donated quilt (made by me). My goal for the year is 12, so I'm basically on track to make that happen. My current crochet project is *almost* done, and if I really plugged away at it the next few evenings I'm sure I could have it done, washed and labeled and ready to turn in this Saturday also, but I probably won't. Only time will tell. About a week's time, I'm guessing, lol. 

Until next time... keep it crafty!


  1. That's so awesome you've got another one done, go you! :D

    1. Thanks! Time to start another one I think. I'm feeling the pull. ;)


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