Monday, October 27, 2014

TTMT #100 - jewells68 - Swaps and Gifts

Posting a little early this week as I'm heading out of town for work for a few days. Don't think you can rob my house either, because everyone else is still home. So there.

Link to the Fandom In Stitches page with the Union Jack Pattern (Scroll Down)

Here's the tutorial I used for the zippered pouch.


  1. Again, catching up on your latest posts, and I just wanted to say that your K-9 shirt is awesome! Your swap buddy did indeed send you some cool stuff. And this is something you mentioned in a different video, but while I'm here: There is NO WAY Phebe is about to turn 18. Whaaaat? Wow. Well, send along a "happy birthday" from her cousin. And a belated happy birthday to you as well?

    1. Hi Nicole! For some reason I never get my email notifications, and I'm used to pretty much no one ever commenting here, but instead commenting on the Livejournal group, where I also post my videos. Yep, indeed, Phebe is now 18. She drives herself to and from school and is graduating this May. Aalia is one of the bestest swappers ever. You should come visit us on Livejournal. You have done some really cool DIY stuff especially with regard to the garden. I'm sure people would love to hear all about it! ... Belated Happy Birthday to you as well!


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