Friday, October 2, 2009

After the Brainiac

So Baby Brainiac took much of my life and crafty energy... so much that I didn't pick up needles for many days after it was packaged and gifted. Then I realized the time had come for the premiere of Survivor-Samoa (I am SUCH a Survivor addict!) and decided I needed a nice, uncomplicated "zen-knit" to work on... and dragged out my giant project back with my Scrappy Log Cabin that's been hibernating for months. I threw some new leftover yarn in the bag so I had even more to work with and got busy. It's the perfect TV project with all that garter stitch, and I can pick it up and put it down at will... I do have a bit of "knitters elbow" the morning after, but what's a little pain when the finished product will make me so happy, right?

So then at work they decided that in addition to my weekly timesheet I also have to punch a timeclock. Well, friends, that means definitely taking a lunch break, so I needed something a little more challenging (for me anyway) to work on during lunch. I wanted to knit a vest, but just couldn't find the right pattern for any yarn I have on hand. I started a wool version of the Pretty in Pink Tank (I did a cotton one for my very first sweater, too small for me, but looks great on my daughter) but then frogged... :(

Then I started a top down raglan using Stefanie Japel's pattern from Glampyre Knits . I'm not ready to steek and actually *gulp* CUT my handknits, so I'm doing a pullover instead. The yarn is yummy and knitting up very nicely. I should post a progress pic this weekend, shouldn't I? We'll see... And since I got the yarn at $1 per skein from the Fiesta/Ironstone Yarns parking lot sale, the price is right too... I might actually knit a sweater for less than a storebought one would cost! What a novel idea...


  1. Glad to hear your yarny update! Good luck on the new project. :)

  2. thanks! enjoying work with this yarn and enjoying this pattern...


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