Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sweater #2 (New Wool Boogaloo)

My goal this month was to post more frequently, even if I didn't have a project finished... so here I am!

Currently contemplating 2 swaps... one is a bookmark swap (deadline to complete 3 bookmarks is Tuesday, yipes!) and a Halloween goody box swap.... deadline for that is Friday, so still time there... and only need to fill one box so that's cool too... if you've never done a swap I highly recommend it, as long as the person running the swap is someone you feel you can trust to run things well... both of these are being run by people I know will do a good and fair job organizing, so no worries there... the trouble is just getting the items made and/or packed... that trickster REAL LIFE has been getting in the way of any crafting other than knitting at the moment... so we'll see this week, I guess...

In my last post I mentioned I sweater I started knitting from Glampyre Knits:
Let me just say that I love, looooove, LOOOOOOOOOVE this pattern! It's more a guide than a pattern, really... for instance, I'm not doing a cardigan, I'm doing a pullover... and I'm going to be starting my ribbing soon (as soon as I get past my boobage an inch or so)... I just transferred it from needle to string today to try it on and so far it fits PERFECTLY........ PERFECTLY.  And it's super easy! And as for the Ironstone Yarns New Wool yarn I'm using...

 I love it, too... it's definitely not as bulky a yarn as the ball band indicates... I'm using a size 8 needle for the stockinette and size 6 for the ribbing and it looks perfect for the yarn... the ball band suggested a size 10! No way. At most this stuff is a heavy worsted, NOT bulky unless you use two strands together...  Oh, and get this... When I bought it I thought... "$1/skein? Well, I'm going to get a whole bag of 10 to keep it all in the same dye lot and make sure I have enough for a sweater"... Um, yeah, so I have 10 skeins, cast on with one strand at the neck and am already nearly to below my boobage and I AM STILL ON THE FIRST SKEIN. I think at the most this whole sweater will take 3 skeins, and that's only if I make the sleeves fairly long... what to do with all the rest of this luscious wool?  And to top it off since the price was so low I also have a bag of purple, a bag of lime green, and a bag of ivory in this same yarn... Guess I won't be needing any wool for a while... maybe I should start making hats to sell or something... or at least gifts for family in the colder parts of the country...


  1. Swap, swap, swap! :D I finished my Halloween swap...mostly (still room for some odds and ends once I know who I'm sending to) and my bookmarks are done. I made those in a couple of sittings. Can't wait! That's the last two for a while, I think, especially with the holidays coming up.

    Can't wait to see your sweater, I'm sure it'll be amazing!

  2. I popped over from jennifer's blog to wish you a early Happy Happy Birthday.

    Read your post about swaps. I've never done one (only been blogging for maybe 3 weeks), but I've read so many posts about them and they seem like a lot of fun. Any advice, suggestions you have in that department would be great. Thanks.

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  4. Just stopped by to wish you a very happy birthday, and say I love your birthday quilt

  5. Happy Early Birthday! I am now working on my 8th swap this year. They can become very addicting!


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