Monday, March 7, 2011

It's been how long?

Oooops! I haven't updated here in a couple of weeks. darn. My goal was weekly crafty updates. Ok, so what's been happening in jewells' crafty world?

Stashbusting, the recipient of which will be Project Linus. Someone donated this tiny 20 x 24 inch blanket which I am crocheting around granny-square style in a project I lke to call "Operation make-it-bigger".

I'm using complimentary multicolored brown/black/cream yarn first, then just solid cream (which I've nearly finished my skein) and I'll border with either black or brown.

I also started a grannyghan (basically a granny square that you just keep going on until it's blanket-sized) with leftover pinks, purples, and purple multi at February's PL meeting that is very nearly finished. This Saturday is the March meeting, so I'll be sure to take pics of these two finished so I can post two more FO (finished objects) here.

Haven't yet made the last two PoDBoW blocks, but I'm on sweet sweet vacation next week so I plan to get caught up on everything then.

There, a short crafty post. More pics next time, I promise!


  1. Getting caught up on vacation sounds like a fabulous idea! I have to work Spring Break, but not having music lessons or carpools will give me sooo much more time. Here's to catching up!

  2. I know vacation will go faster than I can even imagine, but I want to make it count!


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