Monday, February 21, 2011

What UFO?

So this past week, during the season premier of Survivor: Redemption Island, I finished another UFO. That's right, 2nd month of the year, 2nd UFO complete.

The story of the Crocheted Amish Afghan begins in March 2010. Having recently taught myself to crochet I embarked upon an afghan in a book I had on my shelf, Better Homes and Gardens' Afghans to Knit and Crochet. I was going to link here to my original blog post, but I was blogging so sporadically last year that apparently I only ever posted about it on my livejournal.

Suffice it to say I started on it, had some trouble early on, and picked it up sporadically throughout the year. Since it was really just an exercise in crochet to learn new stitches and practice what I'd learned so far there was no deadline, so often it would sit ignored for months at a time while I worked on gifts and swaps.

Having determined that I was coming up on the anniversary of having started this throw, and having not finished, I decided to make it my next UFO to conquer... Finish it I did, and BEFORE it was a year-old UFO, so there! Due to working on it so sporadically and the changes in my crocheting skill and technique throughout the year it seems a bit wonky, mainly the brown triangles of shells. My original idea was to donate it to Project Linus, but I'm going to wash and dry it first. If it's still kind of poofy there I think I will maybe give it to my mom for Mothers' Day; she's always cold and likes to have this size throw near her recliner. Maybe I'll just throw it on the back of my loveseat. If the washing fixes the weird poofy corners a Project Linus blanket it will be.

Here's the pictorial evidence:

Finished Crocheted Amish Afghan

Closeup to see different types of stitches

Now I think I just have one major UFO languishing in the living room, which I'l be dragging out next, the infamous Scrappy Log Cabin (play scary music here). Don't expect it finished too soon, though... it's big and all garter stitch, so I'll mainly only be working on that when watching a movie or something kinda long. I sure hope I finish before it gets too warm, though...


  1. It looks great! I can't believe it's been a whole year since you started working on it. Well done, you!

  2. I know! Can't believe I let it sit there so long. now I've got to start cranking on the Log Cabin before it gets too hot again. I REALLY want to finish it. But I'm also working on those two for Project Linus so I'll have to start alternating between them, which will actually be better for my arthritic hands anyway.


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