Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where are the Crafts?

My goal in 2011 (well, starting in February at least) is to post to this so-called crafty blog weekly what I've been up to craft-wise...

I've been working on finishing up UFOs that are scattered throughout the house, one of which is this:

12" swapghan
My Swapghan!
A couple of years ago I participated in a 12" knitted/crocheted block swap hosted by Ofenjen on Livejournal. I got a few made and sent, and received the same amount back, but it wasn't enough to do anything with, really. So when my birthday rolled around later that same year Ofenjen sent me a bunch more squares. I kept them safely in their box until I could learn how to crochet so that I didn'tnhave to sew them all together. Well, last year I learned how to crochet, but didn't remember where I had stuffed this box. D'oh!

When I was cleaning my project room in December and January, I came across the box and said, "This is it. It's time these squares acheived their true purpose." Ok, maybe that's not exactly what I said, but I crocheted them together and then crocheted a border around them. Now it's sitting on the back of my sofa waiting for someone to get chilly.

Hurrah for Finished UFOs!

I've also been plugging away at hpopaperpiecing's Project of Doom Block of the Week Mystery Quilt. I'm finally caught up through Block 5 and Block 6 is released tomorrow. So, huzzah!

Having a cleaner project room is DEFINITELY adding to the productivity. I'm really looking forward to the coming Presidents' Day 3 day weekend for more craftiness to abound.


  1. I think Cat might have hosted that one, but we both do so many, I'm not really sure anymore!

    Giant HURRAH for your finished UFO!

    Having a cleaner and better arranged space is definitely helping me, too!

  2. Hmm, you may be right, that might have been Cat's swap, I can't remember.

    I finished my amishghan this week too, but am saving it for my weekly post. I took the pic though.


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